David Greene

JEE Applications

mobi.Locate- mobiCorp Inc. - 2012

As mobi's pilot project of Locate changed into a full-fledged product, there were significant gaps in performance that needed to be addressed. In early 2012, I was tasked with leading the locate team


mobi.Integration - mobiCorp Inc. - Spring 2011

In the spring of 2011, I created a replacement for an expensive piece of licensed software. mobi.Integration serves as a data integration front-end for the Mobi Webservice APIs allowing customers to drop in CSV files to an inbox and execute data imports and remote processes.


FAR (Faculty Annual Report) - Indiana University - 2010

In the spring/summer of 2010, I worked on a major feature release for IU's FAR application. FAR is used by IU Faculty to report ther yearly achievements for statistical and review purposes. Many schools within the university have other similar systems. Along with feature additions, this release enabled an import of data from some of these other systems.

Primary Roles:

ePTO - Indiana University - 2008/09

I was in charge of drawing up preliminary screens and basic operations for the ePTO application. As other developers were moved to the project, my role focused to the back-end Spring services which make the application tick. After the initial implementation, I continued to support the application with new features requested by functional staff.

Primary Roles:

eDocs - Indiana University - 2007/08

As a member of a small Java development team at Indiana University, I took part in a complete rewrite of the eDocs system. eDocs 2.0 was built on top of the Kuali Rice framework which has a Struts/Spring base.

Primary Role: Developed specific 'eDocs' as requested. This comprised of working with functional staff in converting business rules into application code.

Mobile Applications

Baby Bongos - Winter 2011

Frustrated with "baby apps" which lacked an adequate "Toddler Lock," I set out to make a better one. My 1 year old son loves the app, and I hope others will find some enjoyment from it as well. The app is available for $0.99 on the Android Market here:

Users interested in reading more about the application, requesting features, or submitting bugs can do so here: https://bitbucket.org/trumpetx/babybongos/wiki/Home

mobi.Work - Summer/Fall 2011

In the summer of 2011, Pointserve rebranded itself as mobiCorp. Part of the rebranding included the creation and launch of several new products inculding mobi.Work (the mobile app which connects service technicians with mobi.Dispatch.) One of the core requirements of this project included the restriction that the application be written in a cross platform framework so that the application could be maintained from one code base. Mobi chose RhoMobile's Rhodes framework which is modeled off of the MVC structure found in Ruby on Rails.

Technical Details:

Miner Status - Spring 2011

In the early spring of 2011, I published my first Android application. Up to this point, my experience in the mobile world had consisted of Appcelerator Titanium "demo" applications. The application is a simple status app for bitcoin mining pool(s). The app is available for free on the Android Market here:

Technical Details:

PHP Application Development

phpMyFAQ - Indiana University - 2009

The Office of Research Administration at IU needed a FAQ application. After a comparison of some various pre-made packages, we decided to go with phpMyFAQ. As the lead developer on this project, I implemented a number of large customizations to the phpMyFAQ application. The customizations ranged from simple visual changes and themeing to more complex changes which altered core phpMyFAQ functions. The most elaborate of these customizations involved the creation of an LDAP service which dynamically created users within the system after a sucessful authentication from IU's CAS servers. Security within the application was syncronized to Active Directory groups which allows the FAQ administrators to manage administration from outside of the actual application saving time and resources.

Customization Highlights:

Website Development

jonigreene.net - Joni Greene - 2009

If any customer was as demanding as this one, I might find a new line of work! (just kidding...) Joni is my talented and beautiful wife who likes a dynamic website that is rich with sights and sounds of her music. As a composer, she wants visitors to be able to play her music and navigate without aural interruption. This was accomplished via a flash player and jQuery AJAX calls. I'm new to social networks. Up until late 2009, I had sucessfully boycotted everything except LinkedIn. We have future plans to integrate more heavily with Facebook and YouTube, but right now we've simply adding some sharing links for Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.

Tech Highlights:

marinaharp.com - Marina Roznitovsky - 2009

As the resident 'web guy', I find myself doing a fair amount of site development for people. Most of my work consists of assistance in getting something up and running, but on occasion I will draw up a full site. Marina is a good friend, and I'm glad to have helped her with marinaharp.com

Tech Highlights: